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Сергей Полторак Полторак July 9, 2020

New Z-Uno release! This build introduces few fixes. What's new in 2.1.6? New features Support of Arduino IDE 1.8.13 Support of Arduino IDE on MacOS X Catalina Change frequency of Z-Uno using config parameter #9 Allow reboot of Z-Uno using configuration parameter #9 Added the ability to disable map multiple types of SensorMultilevel in 0th...

Сергей Полторак Полторак June 30, 2019

New Z-Uno release! This build introduces a lot of changes, new cool features and fixes. What's new in 2.1.5? New features New style of channels mapped to a variable directly - very easy to use. Old syntax with getter/setter is working too for more flexible handling Fast pins can be used on other pins than 9-16 New format of dynamic channels - much more...

Сергей Полторак Полторак July 31, 2018

New Z-Uno release! This new software update for Z-Uno adds many new features and allow to make several new types of devices based on the same Z-Uno board. What's new in 2.1.4 ? New features Three new channel types: Color Switch , Thermostat and Door Lock If only one channel, MultiChannel will be supressed (Command Classes outside channel will...

Сергей Полторак Полторак March 17, 2018

This new software update for Z-Uno adds the support of the best in class IoT security protocol — Z-Wave Security S2. What's new in 2.1.3? New features: Z-Wave Security S2 implemented! MultiChannel is supressed if only one channel is defined (no duplicate widget will be shown in your controller). Associations reworked - up to 32 groups are now supported...

Сергей Полторак Полторак January 3, 2018

We have a new official distributor in Canada: National Sensors . Z-Uno is also available on Amazon and Amazon UK .

Сергей Полторак Полторак November 11, 2017

This new software update for Z-Uno introduces many new features, allows you to use modern Arduino IDE 1.8.5 and prepares Z-Uno for the most secure IoT protocol - Z-Wave Security S2 - that will be release in the next 2.1.2. What's new in 2.1.1? New features: Arduino IDE 1.6.5 and 1.8.5 are now supported. You can now use the latest Arduino IDE with Z-Uno! Added...

Сергей Полторак Полторак September 2, 2017

We are happy to announce a new Z-Uno release! This software update of Z-Uno is introducing many new features and fixes some bugs found in 2.0.9. What's new in 2.1.0? New example added (can be found in File→Examples→Z-Uno in Arduino IDE or on the site ): Z-Uno as a modem  — communicate with Z-Uno via AT commands. This new sketch allows to use Z-Uno as a...

Сергей Полторак Полторак July 17, 2017

Z-Uno is now available in USA! Get yours from

Сергей Полторак Полторак May 9, 2017

To help you make your first Z-Wave device faster, we wrote the Z-Uno Quick Start Guide book . It will guide you through the wonderful world of Z-Uno. Special thanks to team for proofreading the book. A very short and quick introduction is also available for those who don't want to read a book.

Сергей Полторак Полторак May 5, 2017

Z-Uno is back in stock! Check the list of Z-Uno distributors to find your favorite shop.