New Z-Uno software release 2.1.3

March 17, 2018

This new software update for Z-Uno adds the support of the best in class IoT security protocol — Z-Wave Security S2.

What's new in 2.1.3?

New features:

  • Z-Wave Security S2 implemented!
  • MultiChannel is supressed if only one channel is defined (no duplicate widget will be shown in your controller).
  • Associations reworked - up to 32 groups are now supported (1 LifeLine + 31 control groups) with up to 8 nodes in each group.
  • User libraries can now be located in the sketch folder.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Wakeup CC (broken since 2.1.1).

Notes on Security S2

  • To benefit from the newest Security S2 you need to own a modern S2 capable controller.
    RaZberry users can check the beta v3.0.0.
  • You need to change the bootloader from non-secure/S0 to S2 version. This is done by selecting S2 from the menu Tools→Security (see the screenshot). Then do Tools→Burn bootloader. If bootloader mismatch your menu settings, you will get a warning.
  • To locate the Z-Uno PIN (also known as DSK or ZWS2DSK) check the log of the Arduino IDE (see the screenshot).
  • Z-Uno supports all security classes: S2 Unauthenticated, S2 Authenticated and S2 Access.
  • S2 capable bootloader do not support S0 security, Z-Uno can autodetect the security scheme used by the recepient, so it can control devices with any S2 security level provided the corresponding key is granted to Z-Uno.
  • Z-Uno with S2 support can not control/support S0 security scheme. If you need to control actuator with S0 security only, either downgrade to S0 your Z-Uno or use rules on the controller to receive S2 sensors notifications and send S0 commands to the S0 capable actuator.
  • In S2 variant of Z-Uno the user code is limited to 6 Kb only. This is enough for most of your sketches.
  • This is a not yet certified Z-Uno software - we plan to certify it soon in the Z-Wave Alliance.
Z-Uno with Z-Wave Security S2 support

What's next?
Z-Uno is great, but it can be even better. We have a huge list of interesting features we would like to introduce. This is why we want to ask you about features you need for your project. Please vote on our forum.

To install this new release follow simple instructions.

Documentation on Z-Uno web site was also revised and updated to host new functions description.