New Z-Uno software release 2.1.4

July 31, 2018

New Z-Uno release!

This new software update for Z-Uno adds many new features and allow to make several new types of devices based on the same Z-Uno board.

What's new in 2.1.4?

New features

  • Three new channel types: Color Switch, Thermostat and Door Lock
  • If only one channel, MultiChannel will be supressed (Command Classes outside channel will represent your single channel)
  • Handling of incoming reports from other devices. Handled reports are Basic/Sensor Binary/Alarm/Sensor Multilevel/Switch Binary/Switch Multilevel/Battery/Meter.
  • New inclusion mode: double click for unsecure inclusion, triple click for secure (as it was before). New security parameter added to zunoStartLearn(timeout, secure)
  • Two new functions: tone() and noTone()
  • ADC and PWM pins can now be referenced in pinMode/digitalWrite/digitalRead as PWMx и ADCx too (like in Arduino). Before was only via pin number.
  • Added FastPWM on pin A0.
  • New types added for SensorMultilevel

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple ADC influencing each other
  • Fixed OTA (broken since 2.1.3)
  • Fixed interrupts handlers inside libraries (was broken since 2.1.3)
  • Fixed compiler diagnostic messages if a too big sketch is uploaded. Before it was silently ignored.
  • Switch between S2 and S0 firmwares was broken (since 2.1.3)
  • s_pin interrupt handlers was corrupting value in another s_pin.
  • Only lower word part from the DWORD-value on channels was passed. (thanks to @petergebruers)
  • Pull Up mode was overriden by mode change on the same i/o port (8 pins) (broken since 2.1.1)
  • S2 bootloader upload fixed
  • analogWrite(pin, 0) was not working properly (was never actually 0)
  • zunoBatteryHandler was not working (since 2.1.3)


  • Config parameters are now two bytes instead of four
  • New security parameter added to zunoStartLearn(timeout, secure)

New libraries

  • ZUNO_BMP280 - support for BMP280/BME280 sensors by Bosch (thanks to petergebruers for testing it)
  • ZUNO_MERCURY206R - support for electrical meters Mercury, model 206R.
  • SoftwareSerial - supports for slow UART. Valid speeds are 1200/2400/4800/9600 8-N-1
  • Wire. Added clockStretching. Enabled using Wire.enableTS(true). Slows down the speed by ~25%. Usefull to support modern I2C devices that do require Clock Stretching.
  • Added library for air quality sensor CCS811 from AMS.

More info and examples on our forum. To install this new release follow simple instructions.

Documentation on Z-Uno web site was also revised and updated to host new functions description.