New Z-Uno software release 2.1.0

September 2, 2017

We are happy to announce a new Z-Uno release! This software update of Z-Uno is introducing many new features and fixes some bugs found in 2.0.9.

What's new in 2.1.0?

New example added (can be found in File→Examples→Z-Uno in Arduino IDE or on the site):

  • Z-Uno as a modem — communicate with Z-Uno via AT commands.
    This new sketch allows to use Z-Uno as a modem like it is with Bluetooth HM-10. Connect Z-Uno you your smart devices to make the Z-Wave enabled!

    This sketch also allows to report values from your PC or Arduino to your existing Z-Wave controller.
  • NeoPixel illustrates how to control WS2811/WS2812 LEDs right from your Z-Uno.
  • Multiple DS18B20 creates as many channels as there are temperature sensors connected

New features:

  • New channel types added:
    • Blinds (similiar to Switch Multilevel, but shows up as blinds in controllers)
    • Siren (similiar to Switch Binary, but shows up as a siren) — can be sleeping (FLiRS) and run on battaries
    • Valve control (also called Flow Stop, similiar to Switch Binary, but shows up as a valve control) — can be sleeping (FLiRS) and run on battaries
  • Now Z-Uno channels and association groups can be configured depending on the peripherals - same sketch can adopt to the environment. For example autodetect all DS18B20 temperature sensors on the 1-wire bus and render the corresponding channels. Or read configuration from UART and create channels and groups corresponding to that data. Or connect Bluetooth modem with Z-Uno and create a Bluetooth-to-Z-Wave gateway. There might be many ideas! See full description.
  • Learn mode can not be initiated from the sketch. This allows to start learn mode via USB, UART or any other bus from another chip.


  • NeoPixel implements support of WS2811 and WS2812. The library is compatible with Arduino style.

This new C++ release is available under URL (follow instructions).

Documentation on Z-Uno web site was also revised and updated to host new functions description.