New Z-Uno Software release 2.1.8

April 18, 2022

New Z-Uno release!

This build introduces a few fixes.

This is the last update for Z-Uno version 1!

New features will appear only in Z-Uno 2. Please port your code to the new Z-Uno 2 if you want to base your development on Z-Uno.

What's new in 2.1.8?

New features

  • Support of the latest Arduino IDE.
  • Automatic detection of Z-Uno 2 board and a hint to download the corresponding Z-Uno 2 package.
  • New flag ZUNO_ENABLE(MODERN_MULTICHANNEL) will help with modern controllers such as Fibaro HC2/HC3/Yubii.
  • New flag ZUNO_ENABLE(FIBARO_HC_PATCH) to automatically convert Thermostat SetPoint format (for Fibaro controllers)
  • Support the Arduino compiler board info feature to get board info without uploading a new sketch
  • Allow frequency change without sketch upload 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Multichannel Find command.