New Z-Uno Software release 2.1.5

June 30, 2019

New Z-Uno release!

This build introduces a lot of changes, new cool features and fixes.

What's new in 2.1.5?

New features

  • New style of channels mapped to a variable directly - very easy to use. Old syntax with getter/setter is working too for more flexible handling
  • Fast pins can be used on other pins than 9-16
  • New format of dynamic channels - much more flexible
  • New channel mapping to channel 0
  • Do not follow the new channel mapping to channel 0: if both Switch binary and Switch Multilevel are only present outside of channels some controllers (like Fibaro Home Center) will show only Switch Multilevel. To solve this use macro ZUNO_DISABLE(NO_MULTIBINARY_SWITCH0);
  • System events are now reported to the sketch too - you can handle inclusion start/stop, firmware update start, system faults
  • New system 10ms timer
  • Easier handlers of external reports predefined for most cases
  • Configuration parameters interface changed a bit to use less space and be easier to use
  • New thermostat modes
  • Possibility to change Product Type Id and Prodyuct Id
  • Autoinclusion (NWI) added - Z-Uno will automatically include on power on if not in network (mains powered only)
  • Bootloader upgrade do not reset the frequency to default
  • S0 Security mode set via Z-Wave
  • You can now select which S2 security level to use: Unauthenticated, Authenticated or Access
  • You can now write to the EEPROM/NVM using USB - easy way to pre-load some specific data to the EEPROM to be used in the sketch (like fonts for the e-ink screen or some conversion table
  • Most of Z-Wave Command Classes available for the user moved into user code space to free more space - you can even contribute to them via GitHub

Bug fixes

  • Fixed send queue filling problem with too many reports
  • Wrong Wakeup report fixed
  • Fixed Z-Wave Plus Info for FLiRS
  • Fixed wakeups in FLiRS mode and sleeps on low INT1
  • Fixed speed of SoftwareSerial, OneWire, DHT when USB is connected
  • Fixed Thermostat unsolicited report
  • Fixed OTA confirmation with param #20
  • Fixed negative temperature in ZUNO_DHT
  • Fixed memory overflow in ZUNO_DS18B20 autodetect on number of sensors greater than defined in the library
  • Fixed zunoFastPWMSet


  • Z-Uno boots from INT1 2.5 times faster: 57 ms from interrupt to enter in setup()
  • Bootloader/sketch upload via USB is now faster
  • Rescue mode is not shown as red LED blink instead of green
  • Maximum size of user code in S2 mode rised up to 12 kB
  • No need to set delay() in the loop - there is now an intrinsic delay(20). You can always disable it using a macro: ZUNO_ENABLE(NO_LOOP_MINIMALDELAY);

New libraries

  • New ZUNO_Buttons library for easier buttons handling
  • New ZUNO_LEDS library allows easy control of LEDs
  • New ZUNO_LCD library to work with LCDs
  • New ZUNO_Stepper library for step motors
  • New ZUNO_IAQCore library for air quality sensors

More info and examples on our forum. To install this new release follow simple instructions.

Documentation on Z-Uno web site will be revised and updated to host new functions description.