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Сергей Полторак September 30, 2016

We are happy to announce new Z-Uno release! This software update of Z-Uno fixes some issues from test 2.0.5 version and brings more features to your Z-Uno. We need your feedback! We would like to ask you to follow our survey to better fit your requirements. Want more examples? Want more function? Please let us know ! What's new in 2.0.6? New examples added: Secure...

Сергей Полторак September 7, 2016

During the IFA show that took place in Berlin from 2 to 7 September we have shown Z-Uno development board and new RaZberry board with enhanced antenna. Have a look on the video presentation by INTUITECH .

Сергей Полторак September 1, 2016

See a short presentation of Z-Uno for Conrad Community blog at IFA 2016! (starting from 1:05, in German) Another presentation (also in German) was recently prepared by INTUITECH .

Сергей Полторак August 24, 2016

Release candidate of C++ version 2.0.5 is out! A lot of new h/w support added and new examples provided. 1-Wire library added (OneWire.h) built-in EEPROM support added, 16kB available for user (EEPROM.h) non-volatile fast memory support added for sleping devices (EEPROM.h) Key scanner mode added to allow wakes up from sleep on up to 112 buttons (7x16 columns)...

Сергей Полторак August 3, 2016

We are releasing new C++ version of Z-Uno software. Release candidate version 2.0.4 is out! Most of changes are very technical, but will make the Z-Uno more stable and make your life easier. Wire (I2C) library now allows scanning of devices on the bus DHT22 support added Size of all sketches optimized by tuning the compiler Fix compiler to understand...

Сергей Полторак July 20, 2016

Dear Z-Uno followers, we are proud to announce that Z-Uno is now available in Europe! Right now our master distributor for Europe is shipping Z-Uno to various resellers and e-shops around Europe. We will list all available resellers by the end of week to help you get to your local e-shop.

Сергей Полторак July 20, 2016

Dear user, we are continuing the development of C++ version of Z-Uno software. Beta version 2.0.3 is out! What's new: millis () function implemented Serial avaliable , peek , parseInt , parseFloat I2C library added (Wire.h) based on I2C library and example for MCP23017 based on I2C library and example for BMP180 SPI library added (SPI.h)...

Сергей Полторак June 1, 2016

Z-Uno project partially reuses infrastructure of Arduino community. In the same way we want to make it easy to port existing libraries to Z-Uno platform. Most libraries for Arduino uses C++ syntax, while our first versions of compiler was pure C only. To make your life easier we have added C++ support to our compiler. Please follow this instruction to start testing our C++ implementation. Once...

Сергей Полторак February 29, 2016

We are glad to invite you to the Z-Wave booth on CeBIT, where we will show Z-Uno in action! Hall 13, Stand D72

Сергей Полторак February 25, 2016

Please answer few questions about your current or future usage of Z-Uno to let us focus more on your wishes (will take about 2-3 minutes). You opinion is very important for us!