New Z-Uno software release 2.0.7

December 16, 2016

We are happy to announce new Z-Uno release! This software update of Z-Uno fixes some issues from 2.0.6 version and brings even more features to your Z-Uno.

What's new in 2.0.7?

New examples added:

New features:

  • New Channel type Meter to make electrical, gas or water meters (Meter Command Class version 4)
  • IR controller
    • Learn IR commands into mark/space sequence
    • Send IR commands from mark/space sequence
    • Comparison of mark/space sequences
    • Coding/decoding for popular IR protocols: SONY/NEC/LG/RC5/RC6/SAMSUNG/PANASONIC
    • 3 ready to go sketches in examples: IRScanner/IR2ZWave/ZWave2IR
  • Libraries
    • New library ZUNO_MCP4725 for I2C DAC MCP4725. Community contribution by @michap.
    • New library ZUNO_BH1750 for light sensor BH1750. Community contribution by @A.Harrenberg
    • ZUNO_ONEWIRE lib can now scan the bus (search() function)
    • ZUNO_DS18B20 lib can search for all DS18B20 on the OneWire bus (findAllSensors and scanAloneSensor functions). Added example: DS18B20Sacnner
    • ZMEKeypad new function isIdle() added to the lib to check if buttons are active or idle (to go to sleep only on idle)
  • Compatibility: new parameter #12 added for correct work of Sensor Binary/Notification channels in Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite.


  • uCxx Compiler
    • Multidimensional arrays definition fixed
    • Dots in file names now work
    • // comments in ZUNO_* macro work
    • Warinings on local char * supressed
    • Optimized pointer to this to minimize stack usage
    • Optimized pointers parameters in function calls to minimize stack usage. All but char are now passed via XDATA instead of generic pointers
    • Keypad restart after sleep fixed
    • delayMicroseconds() precision up to 1 microsecond
  • Libraries
    • Library Wire. Bug with two bytes locations. Affected 16-bit registers in BMP180
    • ZUNO_BMP180. Fixed inaccurate rounding of pressure
    • ZUNO_ONEWIRE. Fixed intervals in OneWire bus handling with accurate delayMicroseconds
    • ZUNO_DS18B20. Fixed timings depending on sensor resolution. Fixed problem with negative values. Thanks to @michap for contribution

This new C++ release is available under URL (follow instructions).

Documentation on Z-Uno web site was also revised and updated to host new functions description.