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Сергей Полторак February 9, 2016

After valuable feedback from users we decided to design a new Z-Uno design (v3). New board will have external battery, hence will be smaller and will fit one breadboard. Better design of battery circuit will enhence live on batteries in FLiRS and sleeping modes. Better antenna matching and 86mm wire as default option. Fully compatible with software of existing v2 design....

Сергей Полторак January 20, 2016

Added XDATA variables initialization, now following code will work correctly (Prior to this release variables were initialized only inside function, global variables were not. Now global are initialized too.) Added defines for A0–A3 and PWM1–PWM4 to refer to corresponding pins. analogRead, analogWrite, digitalWrite, digitalRead, pinMode functions behave now identically to...

Сергей Полторак December 18, 2015

Improved Interview for channel zero. Now it complies with Z-Wave standards. Fixed . FLIRS now working correctly. Added Security (enable Security Command Class) and MultiCmd (enable MultiCmd Command Class) options to Arduino IDE. Turn both off to work with other controllers than Z-Way/RaZberry. General code improvements

Сергей Полторак August 18, 2015

We have successfully held 4 workshops on Chaos Communication Camp 2015 (13-17 Aug) in Hack Center 2. Thanks to all attendee. That was a great time to share knowledge! Some photos below (every person on the photos gave us permission to take a picture and share over the Internet).

Сергей Полторак August 3, 2015

First version of Z-Uno libraries for Arduino IDE is released! This version supports all three types of Z-Wave power modes (mains powered, sleeping and FLiRS), basic Arduino functions are implemented (GPIO, PWM, ADC, setup() and loop()), four types of channels: Binary Sensor, Multilevel Sensor, Binary Switch, Multilevel Switch. Support of Arduino IDE 1.6.2

Сергей Полторак June 23, 2015

We are performing tests of Z-Uno (v2).

Сергей Полторак May 22, 2015

After three months of tests and prototyping we have finally started manufacturing first 100 Z-Uno boards

Сергей Полторак March 2, 2015

First design of Z-Uno PCB (v1)