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Сергей Полторак December 18, 2015

Improved Interview for channel zero. Now it complies with Z-Wave standards. Fixed . FLIRS now working correctly. Added Security (enable Security Command Class) and MultiCmd (enable MultiCmd Command Class) options to Arduino IDE. Turn both off to work with other controllers than Z-Way/RaZberry. General code improvements

Сергей Полторак August 18, 2015

We have successfully held 4 workshops on Chaos Communication Camp 2015 (13-17 Aug) in Hack Center 2. Thanks to all attendee. That was a great time to share knowledge! Some photos below (every person on the photos gave us permission to take a picture and share over the Internet).

Сергей Полторак August 3, 2015

First version of Z-Uno libraries for Arduino IDE is released! This version supports all three types of Z-Wave power modes (mains powered, sleeping and FLiRS), basic Arduino functions are implemented (GPIO, PWM, ADC, setup() and loop()), four types of channels: Binary Sensor, Multilevel Sensor, Binary Switch, Multilevel Switch. Support of Arduino IDE 1.6.2

Сергей Полторак June 23, 2015

We are performing tests of Z-Uno (v2).

Сергей Полторак May 22, 2015

After three months of tests and prototyping we have finally started manufacturing first 100 Z-Uno boards

Сергей Полторак March 2, 2015

First design of Z-Uno PCB (v1)