Include Z-Uno in Z-Wave network

To include Z-Uno in Z-Wave network you need to turn your controller into Inclusion mode (also known as Add mode).

On Z-Uno board press three times Service Button. Z-Uno will be included in your Z-Wave network. Check Z-Wave Controllers compatibility page.

Exclusion from Z-Wave network

If your Z-Uno was already included in another network or you want to reset it to factory default, follow Exclusion (Remove) process: start Exclusion mode (Remove mode) on Z-Wave controller and press three times Service Button on Z-Uno.

Wakeup Z-Uno from sleeping mode

To wake up your sleeping Z-Uno also press three times Service Button. Z-Uno will send a Node Informatio Frame (NIF) to all devices around. Z-Uno will also wake up periodically (according to Wakeup configuration) to notify Z-Wave controller and wait for configuration from the controller.

Example of inclusion on RaZberry, Z-Box or other Z-Way based software

  1. Open in your browser Z-Way user interface using URL http://IP:8083/ and log in
  2. Go to Settings (Gear sign) → Devices
  3. Press on Z-Wave logo
  4. Select «Autodetect new Z-Wave Device» or choose Z-Wave.Me → Z-Uno
  5. Press «Start inclusion» button and press three times Service button on Z-Uno
  6. Congratulations! Now you can control your Z-Uno and gather sensor information from it