Interoperability with Z-Wave controllers

Since Z-Uno is following Z-Wave Plus protocol, any controller supporting Z-Wave Plus protocol must support it. But some controllers do not Multi Channels, some do not support specific sensor types of Multilevel Sensor, so in sometimes Z-Uno looks not fully operable in user interfaces.

We do our best to check Z-Uno against most populat Z-Wave controllers in order to help controller manufacturers to make templates for Z-Uno.

Currently we are testing the following controllers:

  • Z-Way/RaZberry — full support
  • Fibaro Home Center — full support from 4.070 (some scales might not be supported)
  • Vera — only most popular sensors scales, switches and dimmers are supported
  • Zipato Zipabox — short test shown full support
  • Domoticz — not tested yet, help us
  • HomeSeer — not tested, help us
  • SmartThings — not tested, help us
  • Wink — not tested, help us
  • OpenHAB — not tested, help us
  • others — not tested, help us

Examples of Z-Way UI for Z-Uno with 10 channels:

Examples of Fibaro Home Center 2 UI for Z-Uno with 10 channels:

Examples of Vera UI for Z-Uno with 10 channels: