Tests of C++ implementation in Z-Uno

Z-Uno project partially reuses infrastructure of Arduino community. In the same way we want to make it easy to port existing libraries to Z-Uno platform. Most libraries for Arduino uses C++ syntax, while our first versions of compiler was pure C only. To make your life easier we have added C++ support to our compiler. Please follow this instruction to start testing our C++ implementation. Once it gets stable, we will make it the default compiler.

Getting started

Follow our normal instruction but use another link on step 4: http://z-uno.z-wave.me/files/z-uno/test-ucxx/package..., choose latest version on step 5. Now you can start using C++ syntax.

If you are on a version newer than 0.6.2, please first downgrade to 0.6.2. Please see troubleshooting page if you experience problems.

Using own libraries

Put you library files in the same folder as the .ino file of your project. Add #include "your_lib_include_file.h" and reload the sketch.

You can also copy your library folder in ~/.arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/hardware/zw8051/2.0.0/libraries/ (on Linux) or /Users/alexander/Library/Arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/hardware/zw8051/2.0.0/libraries (on Mac OS X) or My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ (on Windows) to use it in many projects.