Release candidate of C++ compiler version 2.0.4

We are releasing new C++ version of Z-Uno software. Release candidate version 2.0.4 is out!

Most of changes are very technical, but will make the Z-Uno more stable and make your life easier.

  • Wire (I2C) library now allows scanning of devices on the bus
  • DHT22 support added
  • Size of all sketches optimized by tuning the compiler
  • Fix compiler to understand struct/union/enum without typedef
  • Fixed initialization of static variables
  • Fixed bug with multiline macros
  • A lot of stability fixes (better stack and memory management)

Like before, this C++ release candidate is available under URL (please remove stable URL in Arduino IDE settings and put this instead)

In next versions we will add save to EEPROM and wakeup by key scanner to allow you make remote controls based on Z-Uno. We plan to finally release stable C++ version in mid August.