Z-Uno configuration parameters

Z-Uno have many different parameters and options to give you full power of Z-Wave. Some configurations are defined via Arduino IDE menu (i.e. enabling security).

Z-Uno also allows some parameters to be configured via Z-Wave Configurations. Here is the descriptions of parameters and possible values:

# Description Size Default value Possible values
1 Debug mode to apply channels, associations and power mode changes on the fly without exclusion-inclusion sequence. Use for debugging only! 1 byte 0 (No)
  • 0 — No
  • 1 — Yes
2 Blink with service LED during operation 1 byte 1 (Yes)
  • 0 — No
  • 1 — Yes
11 Minimal time (in seconds) between Sensor Multilevel reports. See zunoSendReport(). Values less than 30 should not be used to conform to Z-Wave Plus, use them for debug only! 1 byte 30
  • 0 — send immediately
  • 1–255 — time in seconds
12 Change channel type from Notification to legacy Sensor Binary to help Fibaro Home Center, Vera and some other controllers having problems with the latest Z-Wave Plus to understand the channel type 1 byte 0
  • 0 — Notification channel type
  • 1 — Switch Binary channel type
20 Confirmation of OTA operations (for bootloader and sketch upgrades) 4 bytes (none) Any value sent will confirm OTA
64–96 User defined parameters (ZUNO_SETUP_CFGPARAMETER_HANDLER) 2 bytes (none) User defined