Z-Uno Shield

Z-Uno is very powerful but requires some knowledge of schematics and programming. To help users and installers to work with Z-Uno we have created the Z-Uno Shield. Z-Uno Shield is a multifunctional DIN-rail smart home device based on Z-Uno. It implements most useful features of Z-Uno and requires no soldering and no programming.

No soldering required!

Z-Uno Shield is very easy to wire. It allows to connect many smart home actors and sensors out of the box:

  • One 0-10 V analog output — control industrial dimmers
  • Four 0-10 V analog outputs — control industrial dimmers
  • Up to four PWM or switch outputs (up to 5 A per channel) — control contactors, switches, halogen bulbs or LED strips
  • Up to eight digital 0/3 V inputs or outputs — connect various low voltage digital sensors and actors
  • Up to four digital 0/3, 0/5 or 0/12 V digital or analog inputs — connect industrial 10 V sensors or any Arduino-compatible sensor
  • RS485 or UART — for industrial meters
  • OneWire — for DS18B20 or other sensors

For those who still want to solder something there is a bread board for your additional components.

No programming required!

We have created the Z-Uno Shield ConfiguratorZ-Uno Shield Configurator that will not only help you to wire your Z-Uno Shield correctly, but will also write the Z-Uno sketch for you. Most popular cases are covered by this tool. You can still modify the generated code or write your own sketch.

Z-Uno Shield Configurator allows to create:

  • Dimmers and Blinds
  • Switches, Sirens, Valve controls and Door locks
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats


Z-Uno Shield comes in DIN-rail case or Sealed case and have terminal strips for easy connection.


Download Z-Uno Shield Manual

Download Z-Uno 2 Shield Manual

Z-Uno Shield Z-Uno Shield
Z-Uno Shield in Sealed Case Z-Uno Shield in DIN-rail case