Z-Uno Module — your door to the Z-Wave World!

Z-Uno Module is made for business customers who would like to join the Z-Wave ecosystem but do not have time to dive in Z-Wave internals.

Z-Uno Module is designed to be added in your smart products like any other RF chip. It can be used as a Z-Wave modem or can also do processing of input signals in your device replacing existing MCU. Z-Uno Module have 26 GPIO, USB, UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, ADC and PWM to control a lot of peripherals.

Z-Uno Module 100% software compatible with the Z-Uno Prototyping Board. Any of our examples is compatible with Z-Uno Module as well.

Smartification was never so simple — you don't need to become Z-Wave expert anymore to make a Z-Wave compatible products. Z-Uno is Z-Wave Plus compliant and supports Z-Wave Security S2.

Download Z-Uno Module datasheet to get more technical details.

Download Eagle and Proteus libraries with Z-Uno Module.