This macro defines association groups in Z-Uno. Association groups are used to control other devices in Z-Wave network.

In terms of Z-Wave protocol this macro instructs Sketch bootloader to create additional Association groups in the Z-Uno board exposed using Association Command Class.

Each group should have it's own dedicated function. ZUNO_SETUP_ASSOCIATIONS(ControlGroupType_1, ControlGroupType_2,...) ControlGroupType_n Type of group defines which commands will be sent to distant devices in the network. There is only four possible types available:
  • ZUNO_ASSOCIATION_GROUP_SET_VALUE — send switch on/off commands (using Basic Command Class) to devices in Z-Wave network by calling zunoSendToGroupSetValueCommand()
  • ZUNO_ASSOCIATION_GROUP_SET_VALUE_AND_DIM — send dimming commands (using Switch Multilevel Command Class) to devices in Z-Wave network by calling zunoSendToGroupDimmingCommand(). You can also use zunoSendToGroupSetValueCommand() for devices in this group to send switch on/off commands (using Basic Command Class).
  • ZUNO_ASSOCIATION_GROUP_SCENE_CONTROL — send scene activation commands (using Scene Activation Command Class) to devices in Z-Wave network by calling zunoSendToGroupScene()
  • ZUNO_ASSOCIATION_GROUP_DOORLOCK — send door lock open/close commands (using Door Lock Command Class) to devices in Z-Wave network by calling zunoSendToGroupDoorlockControl()
Groups are numbered in the same order as they are mentioned in parameters to ZUNO_SETUP_ASSOCIATIONS() macro.
Association groups should be referred by these macros:
Real association groups number are shifted by one. Means CTRL_GROUP_1 is in reality number 2. This is because number 1 is Life Line group. Read more in description of Z-Wave implementation. After changing number and types of association groups Z-Uno must be excluded and included back. Z-Uno will not adopt any changes of association groups without being excluded. (A debug configuration parameter can disable this restriction).
Get more information about Z-Wave.