Installing Z-Uno environment for VS Code

Z-Uno 1 does not support VS Code environment.

Z-Uno environment uses VS Code with additional specific extension for Z-Uno board. This environment allows you to create your own projects and load them in Z-Uno via USB. It also contains various examples to start with.

Steps to get started with Z-Uno:

  1. Download VS Code from the
  2. Install VS Code
  3. Launch VS Code
  4. Press Extensions icon at left Activity bar, in the search bar type a «zuno», install Z-Uno extension
  5. Press Explorer icon at the left Activity bar, open the folder where the projects files will be saved
  6. A window with a question should appear. Set the path to the files necessary for assembly
  7. A window with a question should appear. Install the components necessary for assembly
  8. Press F1 or Ctrl + Shift + P to open Command Palette, type «zuno» and select Install the necessary components
  9. Install latest components
  10. Restart VS Code
    11. From ZUNO EXAMPLES folder open RadioBlink.ino sketch
  11. Select a serial port (1,2) and upload (3) sketch to Z-Uno 2