Is Z-Uno for you?

Z-Uno is for you if:

  • You have a previous experience with Z-Wave and want to expand your capabilities or remove some limitations you face with a ready-to-go commercial Z-Wave products.
  • You have a previous experience with Arduino boards and want to «play» with a glance IoT protocol.
  • You have a bit of experience with the «C programming language».
  • You are ready for debugging and testing your sketch.
  • You are ready to go slightly deeper inside Z-Wave protocol details. Though Z-Uno bootloader do most of the work for you, you will still need to know some basic of Z-Wave protocol. We suggest to read Z-Wave Basics book to get more information.

Z-Uno is not for you if:

  • You have weak experience with the Arduino or programming languages and you don't want to learn.
  • You are not ready for debugging your own programs. There will be bugs! If you are not ready, you better to start with one of the existing devices on the market. Fortunately there are about 1300 interoperable Z-Wave products!
  • You don't want to go deeper inside Z-Wave protocol.