Install Z-Uno environment

Z-Uno environment uses Arduino IDE with additional specific package for Z-Uno board. This environment allows you to create your own projects and load them in Z-Uno via USB. It also contains various examples to start with.

Steps to get started with Z-Uno:

  1. Download Arduino IDE from (section Download the Arduino IDE)
  2. Install Arduino IDE
  3. Launch Arduino IDE
  4. Open Arduino Preferences. In the field "Additional Boards Manager URLs" put: and press OK
  5. Go to Tools → Board → Boards manager. Scroll down, you should see a package "Z-Uno by Z-WAVE>ME". Install it
  6. Restart Arduino IDE
  7. Now select "Z-Wave>ME Z-Uno" in Tools → Board
  8. And "Z-Uno Programmer" in Tools → Programmer section.
  9. Windows users (prior to Windows 10) should install Z-Uno Driver. See driver installation instructions. OSX and Linux users don't need to worry, the driver is already installed in the system
  10. Now you should see "Z-WAVE>ME Z-Uno" in Tools → Port section. Select it
  11. Press Tools → Burn Bootloader. This will update your Z-Uno software to the latest stable version. This can take some time. You can see it’s working if Service LED blinks
  12. Now all done to upload example Blink sketch. Go to File → Examples → 01. Basics → Blink. Upload it
  13. More examples are available in File → Examples → Z-Uno