This function tells when to wake up Z-Uno in FLiRS mode even if no packets were received. For ZUNO_SLEEPING_MODE_FREQUENTLY_AWAKE mode Z-Uno will wake up on packet recieved, after a wake up period defined using zunoSetBeamCountWU() or on INT1 going LOW or Key Scanner detects press. zunoSetBeamCountWU(sleep_time_in_beams_periods) sleep_time_in_beams_periods (byte) Sleep time in beam periods. 0 (default) to disable periodical wakeup (Z-Uno will wake up only on an incoming packet and on external interrupts). Currently Z-Uno supports only 1 second beams, so this is in seconds. If not set, Z-Uno will wake up

void loop() { 
  zunoSetBeamCountWU(10); // wake up after 10 second if no packets received