This function instructs Z-Uno to add one more association group during dynamic configuration. This function can be called many times to add more groups. Association groups are numbered from 2 to 32 (1 is Life Line, see ZUNO_SETUP_ASSOCIATIONS() for more info). You have to call this function between zunoStartDeviceConfiguration and zunoCommitCfg calls.
Z-Uno supports up to 32 association groups zunoAddAssociation(type, params) type association group type:
  • - sends Basic On/Off commands.
  • - sends Basic On/Off commands and SwitchMultilevel StartLevelChange/StopLevelChange commands
  • - sends SceneActivation commands
  • - sends DoorLock Open/Close commands
params Reserved. Set 0.
Examples can be found in the description of zunoStartDeviceConfiguration.