The function allocates bytes and returns a pointer to the allocated memory. The memory is not initialized. If size is 0, then returns either NULL, or a unique pointer value that can later be successfully passed to free(). malloc(size)
size: размер в байтах памяти которую нужно выделить. The functions return a pointer to the allocated memory, which is suitably aligned for any built-in type. On error, these functions return NULL. NULL may also be returned by a successful call to with a size of zero. Note, up to 16kb RAM is avaliable for users, malloc shares this area with sketch static/global variables. For example if your sketch occupies 805 bytes for static data of RAM then malloc can use up to 15579 bytes of data. This realisation of malloc reserves 4 bytes for every allocated region for internal data. It aligns the allocated area by 4 bytes.