By default Z-Uno has Z-Wave.Me Z-Wave ManufacturerId (0x0115) and a fixed ProductType/ProductId 0x0110/0x0001. This lead to problems in some weired controllers that have template for specific devices that are matched agains ProductType/ProductId — two different Z-Uno were detected using the same UI template. In order to allow different templates for different Z-Uno sketches you can change ProductType/ProductId. Four options are available:
  • Default 0x0110/0x0001
  • User defined 0x0111/0x0000-0xffff — use this option if you want to make own templates for skethes for your controllers — it is not recommended to share them with the community as other people can use same Type/Id.
  • Automatic 0x0112/0xYYYY — Z-Uno autogenerated Product Id based on channels types — use this if you are making a template that you want to share with other people. Sketches with same sequence of channels will share same template and hence will look the same way. Only channel types and their order is used to generate the automatic Id.
  • Custom ManufacturerId/ProductType/ProductId — used only in agreement with Z-Wave.Me team and requires full Z-Wave Plus certification — for own device manufacturing based on Z-Uno Module.
ZUNO_SETUP_PRODUCT_ID(0xAA, 0xBB); // to set 0x0111/0xAABB ZUNO_SETUP_PRODUCT_AUTO(); // to set 0x0112/(automatic)