Set the baseline for the sensor. There is a mechanism within CCS811 to manually save and restore a previously saved baseline value using the BASELINE register. The correct time to save the baseline will depend on the customer use-case and application. For devices which are powered for >24 hours at a time:
  • During the first 500 hours – save the baseline every 24-48 hours.
  • After the first 500 hours – save the baseline every 5-7 days.
For devices which are powered <24 hours at a time:
  • If the device is run in, save the baseline before power down.
  • If multiple operating modes are used, a separate baseline should be stored for each.
  • The baseline should only be restored when the resistance is stable (typically 20-30 minutes).
  • If changing from a low to high power mode (without spending at least 10 minutes in idle), the sensor resistance should be allowed to settle again before restoring the baseline.
ccs: a variable of type ZUNO_CCS811.
baseline: the baseline to be set. Has to be a value retrieved by getBaseline.