Z-Uno RF Test Mode

Z-Uno is a radio emiiting device and requires certification in different countries. To help you certify Z-Uno based devices we have added RF Test Mode.

To enter in RF Test Mode you need to connect TX0 and RX0 pins together (see Z-Uno pinout), hold Service button and press Reset button. Repeat the process to switch to next RF Test Mode. The LED will let you know which test mode is currently running.

LED indicationCenter frequencies (by region), MHz
1xChannel 0 carrier only868.40908.40919.80869.00919.80868.40865.20916.00922.50
2xChannel 0 carrier modulated
3xxChannel 1 carrier only869.85916.00921.40923.90
4xChannel 1 carrier modulated
5xxChannel 2 carrier only--------926.30
6xxChannel 2 carrie modulated
7xxxRX only---------

To go back to normal operational mode of Z-Uno disconnect TX0 from RX0 and press Reset without touching Service button.