sendCommand() and sendCommand_*()

Send out IR command defined in raw mode. IR Controller must be initialized in transmission mode prior to using this functions. Vendor specific versions allows to reduce memory footprint of your code in case you need only one vendor encoding.
IR.sendCommand(IRCommand_t * command);	
IR.sendCommand_AIWA(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_LG(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_NEC(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_PANASONIC(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_RC5(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_RC6(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_SAMSUNG(IRCommand_t * command);
IR.sendCommand_SONY(IRCommand_t * command);
command pointer to IR command onject to send out None